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When you work with me, you can trust that you’ll only ever be dealing with me. Not only does this guarantee consistency but it helps to build a good working relationship, making it easier to explain requirements and ultimately turning out a better piece of work.

Having lived in Poland and the UK, I know how both countries work as well as their legal systems and public sectors. This allows me to translate between the two. After all, to translate well, you need to know the language and context of the cultures involved.

The software and hardware I use, memberships to professional organisations and CPD all require a lot of time and resources, and this is reflected in my offerings. When you choose me, you’re choosing a dedicated linguist who is passionate about what they do.

Translation and interpretation is essential for anyone communicating across languages. While machine translation can be useful, it can’t replace human translation when context awareness and accuracy is so important.

Quality translation, interpretation and proofreading are so much more than just knowing a language at an advanced exam level. My qualifications, career experience and 30+ years in the industry have meant that many individuals and businesses have trusted me to do the job.