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How I can help

Wondering why someone might need a translator or interpreter? Put simply, if you’re looking to communicate across languages or even borders, you could benefit from a professional linguist. 

After all, translation, interpretation, and editing are so much more than just being able to speak a few different languages. It’s about knowing various cultures, as well as grammar, language technicalities and the meaning of the context.

Why choose my services

As a professional linguist, I won’t change what you’ve written or the meaning of the texts in front of you. Instead, I’ll transform the words to improve their impact.

My specialisations

With a diploma in Public Service Interpreting specialising in Scottish Law, an MA in English and a Management in Social Work and Healthcare qualification, I have experience within the public sector and legal systems in both the UK and Poland.

Not just that but a diverse career within management has given me lots of experience in a variety of industries. This, combined with my language skills, allows me to effectively and efficiently translate and interpret for a range of different audiences.
Discuss your project

Criminal and civil law

Legal systems differ all over - even in Scotland and England. Terms are specific and laws change. Without knowing the source and how the target law works, it’s not possible to translate correctly but that’s where I come in.

Business and accounting

From contracts and HR documentation to employee handbooks and marketing, your internal and external business communications say a lot about your brand. Get it right the first time and tap into an even bigger market.

Social work

Enable positive change, give everyone a voice, and ensure that everyone you represent is heard with effective communication, translation, and interpretation. Having worked in these hugely sensitive settings before, I know that being professional goes deeper than simply knowing the right words – you also need to be aware of non-verbal cues and body language to ensure all parties can follow the process and feel safe.

Social sciences and medicine

Healthcare communication requires the facts and figures to be presented alongside compassion. In situations where the right words matter more than ever, I can ensure that patients, families and medical professionals have all the information they need.


I can certify translated documents and also do sworn translations. Having worked within official settings in Poland and the UK, I’m well versed in communications for formal procedures, and you can trust the accuracy of any work.


End of year assignments, university essays, even diploma coursework - if you need a second pair of eyes to ensure you’ve hit the brief, I’m the linguist to turn to. While I won’t change what you’ve written, I will ensure it has a better impact.

Which service is right for you?

Don’t worry if you don’t see your industry mentioned above.
I’m open to bespoke requests so please get in touch and I’d be delighted to put together a quote.